In Their Own Words

We often hear kind words of support from grateful parents and guardians. Our comprehensive services make a true difference, even during the most difficult times.

I was scared, and I didn’t know what to do. I just knew my baby had a lot of problems. I am thankful for the knowledge and strength of Hope’s staff. They even went to doctors’ appointments with me. They really helped me to be more comfortable with the whole situation.

Makia and his mother
child holding hands with an adult in the sun

As a mother of a 10-year-old, severely disabled child, I remained lost and overwhelmed until I was introduced to Hope. They helped put things in order, from health care, to transportation, to spiritual and emotional support, that families like us need. Hope not only put things back in perspective for me as far as creating a care plan for my son, but they also took a lot of the added stress and feelings of being overwhelmed away, so that we could function as a family again. Hope helped me become a better and more capable caregiver to my son.

Hope Kids Care has been a safety net – not only for Daniella, but for me as a caregiver. I have less worries and stress knowing I can pick up the phone and always have an answer – or at least a guide of what to do next. I can’t express enough the help they’ve provided to me as a special needs mom. They’ve helped me find special needs equipment and supported me when Daniella was sick. The Hope Kids Care staff have been beyond helpful, knowledgeable, and resourceful whenever I’ve asked for help or guidance.

Mother Holding Her Child
Mother massaging her child's foot, shallow focus

We’ve had support staff in and out of our home over the years, but we often felt alone, struggling and trying to navigate each hurdle. When we got a referral to Hope Kids Care, the last thing we wanted was more “support” – adding appointments to our already packed schedule. Then we met Becky and Deb, and that all changed. We have vented, complained, and even cursed way more than we should have, and Deb has always listened. She is nonjudgmental, and we can talk to her about anything. Becky checks on us religiously. She truly cares how the baby is doing – and how we are doing. Medication is ordered and delivered on the same day, sometimes within a couple hours. I don’t know if we could complete this journey if it wasn’t for the amazing support we receive.