Hope’s Bereavement Department: Crisis Counseling

ThinkstockPhotos-494373739Our bereavement department recently assisted with a tragic suicide in Hendry County. Shortly after law enforcement responded to the 911 call, they contacted Hope for our expertise in crisis counseling.

A Hope bereavement counselor went directly to the home of the parents and sibling of the suicide victim. She spent time with each family member, supporting them through basic decision-making, referring them to helpful community resources and providing emotional support. As other friends and loved ones arrived to the home, our bereavement counselor was able to offer assistance with their initial grief work.

The next day, we went to the local middle school and high school, taking an active lead in communicating with the students and offering crisis management. We returned later for additional follow-up and provided individual counseling as needed.

Hope’s bereavement counselors are on call 24 hours a day; they are able to respond to all crises in the southwest Florida community. Throughout the year, we work closely with local sheriff’s departments, victim advocates and school guidance counselors; however, anyone can make a referral for crisis counseling. Please call our main line at (239) 482-4673 or toll-free (800) 835-1673 for help.

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Rainbow Trails Camp Reunion: Healing hearts of grieving children

At Hope’s Rainbow Trails Camp reunion, 18 children reconnected with their counselors and fellow campers for a night of camp slide shows, refreshments and games. During the event, parents and guardians participated in a support group to further their healing.

The reunion is held three months after the annual Rainbow Trails Camp – an October weekend filled with recreation, crafts, swimming and singing, along with activities to help children better understand the grieving process and learn skills to cope with loss.

Two girls hugging Two boys eating cookies Two girls stacking cups Two girls building a tower A girl and boy hugging

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Harvey-Engelhardt Funeral Home Donation to Rainbow Trails

Harvey Engelhardt, Hope, and Matthews Children's Foundation representatives

Pictured are Harvey Engelhardt staff Tim Hauck, Renee Duncan, Jack Covert and Rachel Schad,
along with Hope’s Bob Sheehan and Matthews Children’s foundation representative Curtis Elliot.

Hope is grateful to the Harvey-Engelhardt Funeral Home in Fort Myers, who applied for and received a $1,000 grant through the Matthews Children’s Foundation to present to the Hope Hospice’s Rainbow Trails Camp Program. Donations help us keep the camp free of charge for all campers. Learn more at www.HopeHCS.org/rainbowtrailscamp.

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Why Our Donors Give to Hope Kids Care

Our 6 year old grandson is fighting – bravely and beautifully – Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma in Western North Carolina. May you continue to give hope in similar situations here in southwest Florida.
– Carolyn Bartholet

If Hope Hospice takes care of children as they do for older people, they will always be on my favorite charity list.
– Dale Cotie

I will never forget the wonderful care my husband was offered at home and at Joanne’s House where he died April 14, 2014. This is a small gift, but my heart goes with it. Thank you. – Mary Knauer

Giving to help children brings joy to my heart!
– Dr. Kenneth P. Walker

I’m making this gift because I care about the children. I only wish I could give more.
– Demie Moore

Hope is a fantastic organization helping people in need.
– Mr. & Mrs. James Zandlo

Our daughter Robin died of leukemia – as a teenager, several years ago before the new medications now available. – Wilma Bullock

This gift is in appreciation of the wonderful care (and love) you gave to my wife, Geraldine Panuska, when she was at the Cape Coral facility in May of 2009.
– Robert Panuska

We’re giving in memory of Jill A. Shively who passed away in the marvelous care of Hope in October 2008. We appreciate your people.
– Jack and Mary Jo Shively

The one year anniversary of the death of my dear friend Jan Smith is near. She was blessed to be under the care of your wonderful staff at Hospice of Lehigh. My thanks to your entire organization for all done for her and myself, and an added thank you for your letters of support and comfort. They always seem to come at a time when they’re most needed. God Bless everyone connected with Hope.
Fran Bonar

My mother died 21 months ago and spent the final 16 days of her life at Hope Hospice in Lehigh Acres. Everyone there was wonderful and I will never forget all they did.
David Cooley

I believe in Hope Hospice!! They took FANTASTIC care of my wife, Brenda and my mom Anne at their Bonita Springs Joanne’s House!!! Those dedicated people made a believer out of me!
Richard Hoskins

I thank God for my eight healthy grandchildren and hope in some way my small contribution will help Hope Kids.
Appie D. Scott

I believe in helping children with serious illnesses as they can’t help themselves.
Marilyn Williams

Hope Hospice does a great job in, among other services, being “angels” to all in their care.
Rosalina Nyberg

Just because you are wonderful!
Donna G. Baker

Several of my friends have used hospice and I have a lot of respect for the work that you do.
Ron Browne

Being a teacher for 33 years gives me a heart for children – in any situation! Hospice helped my mother and family and will help me with my husband in his time.
Diane Hanley

When my mother was transferred from the hospital to Hope Hospice, I felt like it was the closest thing to heaven for someone with only a short time left on Earth. My wish would be for any terminal person to be able to die in comfort – especially a child.
Linda West

I give in memory of my husband who was a loving and caring man with eight children of his own and three step-children.
Dora Kruger

It is the least I can do for Hope Kids after the wonderful care given to my late husband from everyone at Hope Hospice. God Bless all of you!
Dolores Tole

I give in memory of Mike Festa who passed away in October 2011 in the loving care of the beautiful and caring providers at Hope Hospice Cape Coral.
Brian Festa

Hope is the one thing kids need to keep themselves going. A world without hope is a world we don’t need.
William Gorman

We all eventually need help. Let’s help take care of those who need it now (especially the kids).
Gene Wagner

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