Children’s Counseling

Children’s CounselingWhile we are known for children’s grief counseling, Hope Kids Care counselors also help children living with serious illness to cope with many complex emotions. And we support their siblings too!

One-on-one sessions take place at home, school or at Hope. In a relaxed, often play-filled setting, children are encouraged to share their feelings. Our counselors:

  • Build on a child’s normal learning and communication style
  • Provide a safe psychological distance from their problems
  • Allow age-appropriate expression of thoughts and feelings

What’s Different about Children’s Grief?

  • The youngest children don’t always fully understand death – to comprehend that it’s truly final. Older children may not yet have the words needed to express how they feel.
  •  Children have a more limited capacity to deal with pain; they may grieve in short bursts. They may feel it, then go off and play, only to come back to those feelings later.
  • Children don’t like to be different from their peers; they may hide feelings following a loss to “fit in.”