CEO Samira K. Beckwith

CEO Samira K. Beckwith headshotSamira K. Beckwith, LCSW, FACHE, is President and CEO of Hope Healthcare, headquartered in Fort Myers, where she is a leader in improving health care on the local, state and national levels. She has served in this position since 1991 and has more than 30 years of experience. Under her leadership, Hope has received multiple national awards for quality service and innovation.

“In our many years of caring for this community, we came to realize that our skills and experience could be of great benefit to children who are not necessarily facing the end of life. I had the opportunity to take a lead role in the development and implementation of a program to improve the quality of pediatric palliative care for children throughout the state of Florida.

By expanding our circle of care, we can provide an important safety net for the brave young children who need Hope Kids Care. Infants, children and teens now benefit from compassionate, state-of-the-art healthcare that is coordinated and patient-centered.

Along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, we strongly urge pediatricians to refer children to palliative care services early to receive the most benefit.

Our holistic care includes counseling for families, siblings and those facing illness, expressive art and music therapy, and other services especially designed to improve quality of life. We ensure that each family has the practical, emotional and spiritual support they need to cherish each day.”