Hope Kids Care

President and CEO Samira K. Beckwith

Read a Message from Samira K. Beckwith, Hope President and CEO

Comforting care for children with complex medical conditions and their families

Hope Kids Care is comprised of several special programs and services created to relieve every child’s pain and suffering. Whether a child is living with a complex medical condition or struggling to cope emotionally, we can help. At Hope, we believe that despite certain limitations, we can all let go of what we can’t do and celebrate what we can do!

Hope Kids Care believes in moving beyond the limitations of illness and celebrating all that a child can do. We also believe that comfort can be provided in many ways. This is why we offer special services to the children and families participating in Hope Kids Care programs.

Hope Kids Care is part of Hope Healthcare. And while our parent organization is known for hospice care, Hope Kids Care is not end-of-life care. Our programs do share a common mission though. We’re committed to providing comfort – physically, emotionally, spiritually and practically.

We like to think of childhood as a time of growth, development and good health. But there are hundreds of kids facing the unthinkable challenge of serious illness – like spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autoimmune disorders or traumatic injuries.

  • Hope Kids Care helps these brave little ones – and their families – right at home.
  • Our nurses find ways to manage pain and symptoms, while educating family members on how to help.
  • Counselors arrange necessary transportation, food assistance and volunteer help while providing emotional support too.